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A new type of structure is simple and its production of the finished product

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The crimped wire mesh machine can dividedinto 3 types

Semi automatic wire mesh machine, fullautomatic wire mesh machine,and hydraulic wire mesh machine

The crimped wire mesh machine is one typeof the series wire mesh machine.Using adjustable motor control technical to runthe speed,so that the wire diameter and hole size can be within therequirment.To achieve the fastest speed knitting, fully automated,program-controlled, high-efficiency production.

The new crimped wire mesh machine break thetraditional pattern of keyboard Diao wire mesh double-kun shot latitude,increase the number of weft knitting and mechanical stability, more convenientoperation, the electromagnetic clutch sensor automatically brake, effectivelyraising the little five-fold production efficiency and mechanical failure rateclose to zero, enabling weave wire diameter of 2mm or less automatic weaving

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