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Crimped wire mesh

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  • Crimped wire mesh
  • Crimped wire mesh
  • Crimped wire mesh
  • Crimped wire mesh
  •    Crimped wire mesh according to different materials can also be devided into crimped stainless steel  wire mesh, crimped iron wire mesh,crimped steel wire mesh, copper mesh, steel wire rod mesh.
    Materials: stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire, black wire, galvanized wire, barbed wire, steel wire, white copper, copper clad steel wire and various non-ferrous metal wire. Stainless steel Crimped Wire mesh material: 302304 304L 310316 316L.
    Stainless steel wire characteristics:resist high temperature ,resist acid and alkali , corrosion resisting ,wear resistant and so on.
    Crimped wire mesh features: beautiful structure, firm and durable.
    Crimped wire mesh weaving method: adopting method of pre bend and weaving,the weaving of locking edges, shape weaving, plain weaving, one-way two-way corrugated weaving, knitting,two-way plane weaving ,square holes weaving, and so on.
    Crimped wire mesh network application: mainly used for mining, petroleum, coal, construction, arts and crafts, barbecue net, highway, railway, infrastructure network, can griddle solid materials, filter liquid and slurry, farming and other industries.

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