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Gabion box

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  • Gabion box
  • Gabion box
  • Gabion box
  • Gabion box
  • Stone cage wire mesh also known as heavy hexagonal wire mesh, green grid wire mesh, pinch spent wire mesh, gabion wire mesh, three twisted machine weaving net, twisted-pair grid wire mesh, it is the cage that made by angular wire mesh which weaved by metal wire, the wire diameter is based on the size of hexagonal varies.
      Stone cage can divided into: galvanized gabion(hexagonal wire mesh), pvc stone cage wire mesh(hexagonal wire mesh), zinc aluminum alloy stone cage net(hexagonal wire mesh).
    (1) galvanized gabion is weaved by high quality,low carbon steel wire, the tensile strength of steel wire is no less than 38kgs/m2, the wire diameter can range between 2.00mm--4.00mm, the wire surface usually use galvanizing protection, the protection thickness can base on the customer request, the maximum galvanized volumes can reach 300g/m2.
    (2) Plastic package hexagonal wire mesh is packed a layer of pvc on the surface of the galvanized wire, then weave it into different specifications of hexagonal wire mesh. This PVC protection can greatly increase the service life of the wire mesh, and through chose different colors, make it more integrated with the surrounding environment.
    (3) zinc aluminum alloy stone cage net: packed a layer of PVC protection on the zinc, 5% aluminum, mixed rare earth wire, then weave it into different specifications of hexagonal wire mesh.
    Specifications of stone cage wire mesh.: 2m*1m*1m, 3m*1m*1m, 4m*1m*1m, 2m*1m*0.5m, 4m*1m*0.5m. Also can be customized according to customer requirement.
    Stone cage wire mesh features:
    1. Cost-efficient:Just putting the stones into the cage and sealing it.
    2.The construction is convenient, no need special technology.
    3.The ability of resisting natural damage, resisting corrosion and resisting the influence of harsh climate is very strong.
    4. It can bear a large range of deformation and still not collapse.
    5.The silt in the crevice of the stones is good for the grown of the plant, can fused together with the surrounding environment.
    6.The permeability is good, can prevent the damage caused by fluid statics.
    7.Saving transport cost, can be folded in transportation, site assembly.
    The usage of the stone cage wire mesh:
    1. To control and guide the river and flood.
    2. Can be used in release flood water dam and diversion dam.
    3. Protective rock.
    4. to prevent soil erosion
    5. Bridge protection
    6. Stabilized soil structure.
    7. coastal defense works
    8. Port engineering
    9. Retaining wall
    10. Road protection

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