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Chain link fence machine

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Hydraulic bending machine

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  • Hydraulic bending machine
  • Hydraulic bending machine
  • The introduce of the Hydraulic bending machine:
       Hydraulic adopts welded steel structure, with enough strength and rigidity, the machine can bend the wire mesh into various shapes with the different upper and lower shape of models. Sliding trip one time was once forming, after repeating bending can shaped into a more complexed workpiece, it also can use for punching when equipped with the corresponding equipment, the appearance is beautiful.
    Ⅰ. Performance and characteristics:
     1. The hydraulic transmission can insure the machine can work normally when thickness of the material is changed. In addition, this machine also has the characteristics of stable working, convenient operation, low noise, reliable security.
     2. In cylinder has a mechanical stop block, to insure the repeated positioning accurate when the slide block slide to the bottom dead point, to insure the same bending angle in the big production.
     3.It adopts German technology to remove the internal stress.
     4. The frame of machine use sand derusting, and spray with anti-rust paint.
    Ⅱ. Working slide:
     1. This machine adopts hydraulic electric to control, sliding block can be adjusted, and have point start, semi-automatic, automatic action code. Use point start can mold trial and adjust conveniently.
     2. Movable bending machine design, two cylinders can work at the same time, it is balanced operate, convenient, safety.
     3. In the bottom dead point has function of pressure maintaining, time delay. To insure the precision of workpiece.
    4. Bending angle precision accord the JB/T22572-1999 national standards.
    5. With the function of slowing down control, the worker can control workpiece better.

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