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Chain link fence machine

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Shuttleless weaving machine

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  • Shuttleless weaving machine
  • Shuttleless weaving machine
  • Shuttleless weaving machine
  • Shuttleless weaving machine
  • Shuttleless weaving machine is a model to meet market demand, its work force is powerful,bearing capacity is strong, the wire BWG is big,the range of density is wide,the wire diam is 0.1-1.6mm,the mesh is more than 2 heads of various metal wire mesh all can be made.
    Features: it adopts the way of mechanical intermittent to lead the wrap automatically.Rolling nets by itself, leading weft by shuttle weft, the pedal plate harness,the structure with double wefts .
    Usages: widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, mining and other fields of solid, liquid filtration.
    Main technical parameters:
    Weaving width: 1 600mm -1650mm,3200mm -3250mm, 4000mm-6000mm
    Opening: the pedal plate harness structure
    Crank shaft speed: 28-30 revolutions per minute
    Motor power: 7.5 kW 1440 rpm
    Weight : 9 tons
    Overall size: length 3500mm, width 4500mm, high 2500mm

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