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Chain link fence machine

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Field wire mesh machine

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  • Field wire mesh machine
  • Field wire mesh machine
  • Prairie fence wire mesh machine controlled by CNC box,every components of it work coordinate, motion is stable, operation is flexible and reliable,it is currently the only production automation surrounding prairie fence net device. The machine has the advantages of novel structure, strong precision, smooth surface, uniform mesh, strong integrity, toughness, not together, anti-skid,resist compression features .It widely used: zoo fence, fence, building site of captive poultry, slope greening, landscaping with the net, wild zoo, grassland, pasture and other grazing captive places,particularly applicate in the project of pasturebars , which can play a very important role for the realization of rotational grazing,and the protection of pasture.It can also be used for the protection of precious flowers, forest, planting area.

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